Cable Tray
Fast Fix Connectors
Bolted Couplers
Couplers For Site Made Fittings
Clip on Bracket 50 mm
Fast Assembly Bracket 100 - 600 mm
Bolted Bracket 100-600 mm
Fast Fix Hanger 50-150mm
Fast Fix Hanger 100-600mm
Trapeze 100-600mm
Fast Assembly Ceiling Bracket
Multi-Component Pendant
Floor Support 50mm
Floor Support 100 - 600mm
Pedestal Leg Mounting
Box and Conduit Supports
Earthing & Grounding
Cable Management Accessories
Fixings & Connectors
Large Radius Bend
Small Radius Bend
Right Angle Bends
T & Cross Small Radius
T & Cross with Gusset
Custom Bends & Junctions
Reducting Sizes
Level Changes
Efficient DATA cabling
Copper data cables
Fibre Optic Cables
Power cables
Standards and directives
East 23-06
138 Plaza Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur
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CABLOFIL® Malaysia 
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CABLOFIL® steel wire cable tray has proven a sturdy contender to conventional sheet metal cable tray.  The success of CABLOFIL® is largely down to its versatility, sophisticated installation and cost effective accessories; whilst maintaining as equally robust as its competitors.

Given this reputation of excellence and reliability, in combination with the innovative CABLOFIL® product line, CABLOFIL® is set as one of the largest and most respected cable management businesses in the world today.

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 Over 30 years of business experience.


 The most certified and tested wire cable tray.


 Over 150 000 kilometers installed in the World.



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